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"I came to Linda for guidance and assistance in facing the new challenges in taking over my law practice, while seeking to maintain a healthy balance in my personal and professional lives. Linda was fantastic to work with and has enabled me to easily handle the additional stresses that come with taking over a family business and being in charge. I would highly recommend Linda as a business coach. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable in her field and is very easy to work with. Thanks for everything Linda."
Attorney Eric Schutzbank
Berid and Schutzbank
Lowell, MA

"Linda was a skillful guide who helped me navigate the perils of reactive emails, develop the planning skills to boost the visibility of my work, and recognize how to grow my leadership strengths. Her program brings out the meaningful parts of work life and quiets the unnecessary ones."
Barbara Barry
Director of Learning
One Laptop Per Child-OLPC
Cambridge, MA

"Working with Linda has been an excellent and fulfilling experience. She is committed to the exchange of ideas, and offers compelling advice on developing meaningful personal and professional life strategies. Her viewpoints and positive attitude have been invigorating and beneficial as I continue to grow as a leader and mentor."
Joe Natarelli
Managing Partner
UHY Advisors, N.E., LLC

"My experience in coaching with Linda has exceeded my expectations. She listens, prods and keeps you on your focus. I would recommend her services to anyone who is open to improvement in their emotional intelligence."

Lawrence A. Schwartz, CPA, MST
Director of Tax
Carlin, Charron & Rosen, LLP
Boston, MA

"Linda conducted a workshop for our group on emotional intelligence that we found to be very illuminating and effective. Our patients who have worked with her report significantly improved productivity, social interactions, and personal satisfaction. She is a wonderful resource."

Kirk R. Daffner, M.D.
Chief, Division of Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Associate Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Linda over seven months --during this time, the coaching relationship has developed into a trusting friendship. Linda was instrumental in my awareness that I needed balance in my life and that I wanted to more fully develop "my inner voice and inner peace". The results have been improved meaningful relationships on business, family and personal levels. Thank you Linda."

Marion Hecht Clay, CPA, CFE, CIRA
Managing Director
UHY Advisors FLVS, Inc.

"Definitely a "must" training in every organization. Not only could they see the meaning of EI in our workplace but more importantly they experienced the benefits in their personal lives. This training not only enhanced efficiencies but increased over all morale. Small changes can mean big success."

Scott A. Cook
Associate Director, Regulatory Compliance
Charles River Laboratories Preclinical Services, Shrewsbury MA.

"I would highly recommend Linda to anyone who is truly committed to making positive changes in their life. Linda's guidance, expertise and support enabled me to achieve amazing results in a relatively short period of time. Linda helped me to transform my life in such a way that I now feel balanced, in control and at peace. Thank you Linda!"
Theresa M. Meltzer
Attorney at Law
Framingham, MA

"Linda's delivery of our Emotional Intelligence training was not only inspiring but well-received by our employees. Not only could they personally connect to the meaning of EI but they were also able to understand the connection EI lends to our bottom line. I even received several thank you's from the attendees."

Laurie Colwell
HR Director
Onset Computer Corporation

"Working with you gave me an opportunity to confront some challenging personal and professional passages and formulate exciting new goals. Your sensitive support and direction enabled me to reflect on where I've been --- and where I'm going. Thanks for keeping me on track and helping me to stay positive and confident. Your coaching, caring and advocacy are sincerely appreciated!"

Dr. Helen Boehm
Author and active consultant in the toy and television Industries

"When CEOs say “it’s lonely at the top” and “no one understands the challenges I face”…I tell them “you haven’t talked to Linda Cohan”. Linda blends emotional intelligence with workplace savvy to always provide successful conclusions to an array of complex business issues. Having greatly benefited from the experience of her guidance, I will always utilize her expertise toward a goal of continued improvement as a leader and role model. She is a trusted and valued “partner” to me."

Dave Glispin
Sunshine Sign Company
Grafton, Ma.

"Thank you Linda for direction in a disorganized environment. Unfortunately, I created that environment through bad habits. Habits that became second nature and Linda was able to show me how to break those habits and take control of my environment. She showed me how to change it through a master plan with a methodical implementation of that plan that continues to work."

Thank you,
Dr. Craig Hokanson
Shrewsbury, MA

"Linda is wonderful. I was so busy working that I lost sight of what I was working for. Linda helped me sift through the noise, define what is truly important to me, create short and long-term goals, and develop plans for achieving them. Then, most importantly, she relentlessly followed up on the actions taken towards the plan and helped me get back on track whenever I slipped. Linda’s help was invaluable in achieving my professional success and personal happiness."

Kenneth A. Roberts, CPA
Boston, Ma.

"Linda, it was a pleasure to work with you. It took me a little while to get comfortable and settle in. Once I allowed that to happen, the benefits from our sessions began to accumulate. Early on it was your encouragement, followed by your tips for staying on schedule and others that made the difference."
Alex Discepolo
Managing Director & Tax Leader
UHY Advisors N.E., LLC
New Haven, CT

"The content of the  EQ training was extremely valuable to all who attended. It will help everyone be more effective in their work role and in their communications with direct reports and co-workers. Linda did a wonderful and impactful delivery of the information."
Susan Tobias
Human Resources Manager
MacDougalls' Cape Cod Marine Service,Inc.
Falmouth, MA.

"The growth and development of our counselor staff is based in 80 years of tradition. Their skills have been acquired and applied from generation to generation-from counselors who imparted their values to them. For years, I have aimed to professionalize and formalize this learning process as a way to capitalize on all that our inbred mentoring approach provides. You have given so much to our counselors, our campers and ultimately me. Your down-to earth and direct style hit spot on with the areas of organization dynamics, career planning, interview preparation and presentation. You no doubt related well to camp life and immediately pointed out that managing the expectations of children and their parents in the summer camp setting, can be even more challenging than managing customer expectations in many other fields."
Rob Brockman
Executive Director
Camp Bauercrest
Amesbury, MA

" Hi Linda, It was great seeing you the other day. it made me step back and think about the times we sat and discussed forward thinking. I must admit at the time, I was skeptical about the process, but persevered because I knew I needed change and redirection. Looking back, I now realize that you were an essential part of the growth and direction I have taken. For that, I thank you."
Jack Shanahan, Musician
Jack's Guitar Garage
Northborough, MA.

"Many thanks for all the assistance your coaching services have provided. Because of you, my operation is much more productive and the focus is tighter in all the areas that matter."

Ben Graves, CIC
Public Sector Manager
Colonial Supplemental Insurance
Shrewsbury, MA

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of coaches and consultants, each with their own set of skills. However, it has been Linda Cohan’s professionalism, approachability and focus that have had the greatest impact on my work and leadership style. We formed a productive relationship with ease, and quickly settled in to challenge my development. I would recommend Linda confidently, and truly thank her for the positive effect she’s had on me (and, in turn, on my organization)."

Aaron Selkow
Executive Director
Pinemere Camp Association, Inc.

"Working with Linda was the smartest thing that I could have done while I was waiting to land my first full time job out of college. I had been using connections and asking for expert advice from anyone and everyone I knew to be successful, and no one was able to help me the way Linda did. She gave me effective advice on how to manage personal and professional relationships, time, and my overall priorities in life. I worked with her only 4 sessions before I landed my full-time job, and had to move to New York City. If not for the distance, I would continue to work with her to further my growth as a professional and contributing member of society in all facets."

Peter Berman
Referee Quality Assurance Coordinator
United States Soccer Federation

"By helping me prioritize my daily life, Linda helped me realize the importance of my relationship. My, now wife has been my best critic, greatest supporter of my business, and my best friend. Everything fell into place."

Paul Benoit
Northeast Data Shredding
Boston, MA

"Thank you for all of your diligent support, expertise, and guidance as my Coach. My experiences with you provided much insight and encouragement to develop a very successful second career and develop a more enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle. I highly recommend you to others that are seeking to make changes and want to realize results. Your style and direction was very influential and very much appreciated - many, many thanks!"

Heather Olin
Coldwell Banker
Boston, MA

"I came to Linda to learn to become more successful in my current profession. Linda’s coaching techniques helped me to discover much more than that. I developed a better understanding of what. truly is important to me and how to live in a more balanced way that reflects those values. This foundation helped create a better sense of purpose and direction in my professional field. Linda is a wonderful resource, sounding board, and true professional on every level. Thank you for this invaluable experience!"

Anne Lemons, PT,
Regional Vice President Arbonne International

"For any professional seeking to improve their relationships and increase their productivity, I highly recommend Linda’s workshop. Her professionalism and warm manner made the three hours fly and the content was amazing. This is the best seminar I have been to in a very long time."

Jeanne Worrick
Sell Like A Girl

"I really enjoyed attending Linda Cohan’s workshop on Emotional Intelligence. Linda is very professional and delivered this workshop in a clear and concise manner. I will be able to use the tools I have learned in this workshop in everyday professional and personal life."

Owen J. Russell
Branch Manager
Central One Federal Credit Union

"I have had multiple coaching interactions with Linda and I am not sure when I will have had enough! Wonderful and thought provoking!"

John Valencourt
Paula Aberman Associates, Inc.

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