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Emotional Intelligence Training

A Different Kind of Smart- Applying Emotional Intelligence at Work

In a time of pressure and change, it is more important than ever for business leaders to be skilled in bringing out the best in themselves and the people who work for them.

Leaders in today's organizations are faced with many challenges, including:

  • Organizational politics and bureaucracy
  • Balancing individual performance and management responsibilities
  • Handling and executing constant change
  • Meeting challenging business goals
  • Attracting, motivating and retaining key employees

Emotional Intelligence is self-awareness. If an individual is better equipped at understanding his emotions and managing his behaviors, he will be more effective working with people, which in turn can increase morale, productivity and the bottom line. Emotional Intelligence is Self and Relationship Management. By being able to fine tune your responses, you can move the communication between yourself and others in a positive direction.

By learning to manage the "human side" of high performance, professionals will achieve the following results:

  • Create a climate of trust and open communication and improve their ability to influence others
  • Attract, retain and motivate top talent
  • Improve productivity, accountability and bottom line performance
  • Avoid "Emotional hijacking" derailing a professional's performance

Emotional intelligence is the essential building block in the leaders’ ability to establish the right climate for business to succeed. Leaders at all levels of the organization, from front line supervisor to CEO, must demonstrate daily a high degree of emotional intelligence in their leadership roles.

A Different Kind of Smart™ demonstrates the direct link between emotional intelligence and leadership performance and gives leaders specific ways to improve their performance.

It consists of:

  • A 360 assessment statistically validated by leaders from across the country
  • A training session that addresses the five areas of emotional intelligence that can improve leadership performance
  • A self-development guide filled with follow-up tips and suggestions to improve emotional intelligence

Training Objectives

  • Learn the result of research that demonstrates financial and other performance results that can be achieved when high emotional intelligence is applied in the workplace
  • Learn about the link between emotions and performance in the people you lead
  • Learn about the link between emotions and performance in your performance as a leader
  • Learn about the five aspects of emotional intelligence and how each one impacts your performance in a different way
  • Determine areas for development in your emotional intelligence and develop an action plan for achieving greater leadership competence

Training Module

  • What research tells us about productivity, emotional intelligence, and leadership
  • Identifying emotional factors that lead to high performance/low performance, trust/mistrust, and a host of other cultural issues in the workplace
  • Understanding the link between your emotions, your behavior and your performance as a leader
  • Understanding the five components of emotional intelligence and how each impacts your leadership performance
  • How and why you should set goals to improve your emotional intelligence and how that will improve your job performance as a leader
  • Practical suggestions on how to improve your emotional intelligence in the five components of emotional intelligence
Emotional Intelligence Training

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