Linda Cohan MSW business and personal coach
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Providing direction to achieve your goals and balance your life.

Executive / Leadership Coaching

Companies today spend a great deal of time and resources on various types of performance development and management systems. Problems arise, though, because developing systems to improve performance is not sufficient in and of itself. In order to enhance and increase an employee’s performance and management skills, coaching and training must be ongoing. The goal of coaching is to increase self-awareness, develop new and more innovative ways of doing things, which in turn brings more effective results. Coaching is a highly effective tool that companies utilize to develop their key employees. By investing in a coach, the company can increase and enhance:

  • Productivity
  • Morale
  • Employee retention
  • Balance and limit setting
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Management skills

Why would a company hire a Coach?

  • To develop a new manager’s leadership skills
  • To be a catalyst during a time of organizational change
  • To help an employee focus and be more effective with time management and prioritization.
  • To help an employee create more balance and set more effective boundaries between work and home.

Linda works with her clients in person to create visions and goals for themselves and their business. Together, they create a specific action plan, which is continually used throughout the coaching partnership as a roadmap to keep the client accountable and on target. The agenda for each meeting is led by what the client is focused on. While it is important for Linda’s clients to achieve the results that they establish for themselves, she believes that in order for the coaching to be successful, her clients need to become more self-aware of how their choices impact their actions. Linda helps her clients to understand that to be more effective in their roles as managers, they need to learn new behaviors and shift their beliefs as to how they go about accomplishing things.

As a coach, Linda creates a safe relationship with each client based on confidentiality and trust. She asks powerful and provocative questions to help facilitate her client’s ability to answer and find solutions for themselves. She reaffirms their strengths, points out their roadblocks, which may be impeding their ability to achieve the results they want. She acts as a sounding board and provides direct and honest feedback to her clients.

To arrange for a complimentary hour of coaching in person, please contact Linda.

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