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Executive Coach creates a winning strategy

Executive profile courtesy the Worcester Business Journal

You don't have to be on a sports team to need a coach. In business, a coach can help managers and executives enhance performance and achieve better results.

"People hire a coach because they want to change, learn and transform themselves," says Linda Cohan, MSW and Certified Executive and Leadership coach. "They want to grow and create new strategies for increased success."

Companies spend a great deal of time and resources on training, Cohan explains, but without investing in longer term personal development, they aren't getting the sustainable results they should."

"Coaching is a highly effective tool that companies can use to develop all their employees," she says. By investing in a coach, a company can increase productivity, cost savings, employee morale and retention, as well as help employees improve management and communication skills.

To be more effective as leaders, Cohan helps her clients establish new behaviors and develop more effective strategies for addressing business challenges. Together, they create specific action plans to ensure accountability and to stay focused.

She notes several reasons why businesses benefit from an alliance with a coach:

  • To develop a new manager's leadership skills and capabilities quickly;
  • To enhance and expand an existing manager's competencies;
  • To help an employee focus and be more effective managing time and establishing priorities;
  • To create balance in employees' lives and set more effective boundaries between work and home, as well as prevent burnout;
  • To increase a manager's ability to forge powerful relationships by managing their moods and behaviors.

With 10 years of experience as a clinical social worker, 15 years as a human resources consultant, and 4 years in her own Coaching business, Cohan has met many employees and managers who worked long hours and were diligent about their work but still felt unfulfilled. She has also worked with companies that had elaborately written value statements, but the employees were still not performing as expected. "They were not walking the talk".

"I felt I could make more of an impact through coaching-helping people create strategies for being successful in all areas of their life," says Cohan.

Cohan develops these strategies during face-to-face meetings with clients and offers a practical, results-oriented approach. Along with coaching, she also is certified to do Emotional Intelligence training and coaching. Cohan explains that, "in its simplest form, emotional intelligence is what you learn in kindergarten- to work well and play well with others."

In the workplace, individuals who understand their moods and emotions and manage their behavior appropriately will function better as leaders and team members, and that will increase morale, productivity and ultimately the bottom line.

"People get so immersed in what they do, they just don't think about the importance of self-awareness and control, empathy, social connectedness, personal influence-being able to make water cooler talk," Cohan says.

The Executive coach cites the example of one manager — highly skilled on the technical side of business, but possessing few skills in managing people. Cohan worked with the manager to improve her communication skills and build trust with fellow employees. She assigned the manager the task of talking with other members of the team to learn more about each of them as individuals. In time, the manager learned to listen to the opinions of others, and won their support, along with a promotion.

Cohan has worked with owners of small businesses to develop goals and corporate visions. "My job is to expand awareness," she explains. "I provide another way of looking at things that could be more effective."

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